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7 BFF Date Ideas

by Grace Egbe Who says you need a boo to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Spend some quality time with your friends instead with these sustainable BFF date ideas! 1. Thrift Outfits for Each Other  If you...
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Sustainability is…….baking cookies?

by Grace Egbe When we think of living sustainable lifestyles, we mainly consider sustainability through a consumerist lens.  “I should buy an energy-efficient car.”“I love thrifting and buying seco...
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January 2022: New Year, New Routine

by Gina Lee Happy New Year, everyone! Gina here. Our blog is baaaaack (and it’s better than ever)! I’m super excited to share the projects we have lined up for the new year, bringing it all back to...
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Why keep brands accountable?

Alright, real talk. Why keep brands accountable? This is a...pretty loaded question. Before we nosedive into the answer, let me provide some structural context on how the fashion "food chain" work...
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