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7 BFF Date Ideas

7 BFF Date Ideas

by Grace Egbe

Who says you need a boo to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Spend some quality time with your friends instead with these sustainable BFF date ideas!

1. Thrift Outfits for Each Other 

If you’re looking for a cute, meaningful activity for you and your besties, thrift outfits for each other at your local thrift or vintage shop. Continue the fun by wearing your bestie-approved outfits to a dinner party or to the other dates we’ve suggested below!

2. Zero-Waste Picnic

Spend a day in the sun with your best buds by throwing a zero-waste picnic. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • reusable cutlery and dinnerware
  • homemade food and snacks
  • a water bottle or thermos with your favorite beverage
  • an old blanket/sheet
  • an extra “doggy-bag” container for leftovers

3. Clothing Swap

Do you and your friends want to sustainably revamp your wardrobe? Organize a clothing swap!⁠

Here's how: ⁠

  1. Go through your closet
    • Do a closet clean-out & set aside clothes you rarely wear or don't use anymore (don't forget shoes and accessories!)
  1. Call friends & organize the swap 
    • Contact friends you think would be interested and plan a fun activity to go along with the swap (like a picnic or home movie night).
  1. Donate or up-cycle the rest
    • Donate unclaimed pieces to your local charity shop or homeless shelter, or up-cycle and reincorporate them into your closet.

4. Farmer’s/Flea Market

Meet up with your friends at a local farmers’ or flea market to roam around, get fresh produce, and discover great vintage finds. This is a great opportunity to shop small and support local businesses!

5. Visit a Museum 

Go museum hopping with your bestie or support small artists at your local art gallery. Discuss your different interpretations of the art and remember to snap some pics for the ‘gram!

6. Crafting 

Tap into your inner childs and craft together. Here’s some fun ideas:

  • Make manifestation boards with old newspaper and magazine clippings
  • Upcycle clothes together
  • Decorate your journals
  • Learn how to crochet/knit/sew to make your own clothes
  • Braid friendship bracelets or hair accessories with fabric from old clothes

7. Go for a Hike or Walk

Plan an adventurous hike or relaxing walk with your friends one morning (or pencil these in as fun weekly excursions). This option is especially great if you and your besties have furry friends to bring along who could use some extra bonding time as well. 

Comment down below which option you’d like to try with your besties and let us know which ones you end up doing! Tag us on our socials, @gleeandco, and stay tuned for more content like this.

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