Sustainably & ethically made in Los Angeles, CA

Female founded. Family owned. Ethically, sustainably, and thoughtfully made in the heart of Los Angeles, CA.

manufactured in houseTrue atelier quality at an affordable price.

Each garment is produced in-house with the highest quality materials and the utmost attention to detail. This prolongs the life of your garment and reduces the need to replace the same pieces you love over & over again. And best of all, every garment comes pre-washed to guarantee that TTS fit. 

Giving you your money's worth.

We're always searching for more ways to stretch our dollar. Why not expect that of our clothes too? Higher quality clothing means: purchase less often for less, making for a happier Earth and wallet. Here at glee + co, not only do we give you quality, we play our part by using dead stock fabric, ordering only what we need, and recycling all our 100% cotton fabrics. 

high quality loungewear

Family always comes first.

At glee + co, we're family⏤literally & figuratively⏤and we intend to keep it that way. We’re a small, family-owned business that's been built from the ground up. Over the years, it has become the livelihood of our employees and contractors who continue to support our business and expand our working capacity. One of our highest priorities is to protect the livelihoods of those we hire and do business with by encouraging a higher quality of life and building a sustainable business model together. We're fortunate to have created long-term relationships with the people who make our products come to life.

We are the new norm.

Changing the world starts with making a difference at the people level, in hopes that they are able to help others in a similar way, causing a longer and more impactful ripple effect within society. A large part of our business model is ensuring that our employees have a better quality of life after entering the glee + co family. Fair wages, a steady stream of work, clean working environments⏤the works. We're committed to living a better, more ethical way of life, rising above fashion industry norms to make us the *new* norm.

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