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January 2022: New Year, New Routine

January 2022: New Year, New Routine

by Gina Lee

Happy New Year, everyone! Gina here. Our blog is baaaaack (and it’s better than ever)!

I’m super excited to share the projects we have lined up for the new year, bringing it all back to the heart and soul of this company: sustainability.

To expand on how to live a sustainable lifestyle, the team and I are starting a new weekly segment called Unwind Fridays, where we will discuss different topics ranging from fashion trends and styling to relationships and current events. Let us help you kickstart the weekend with fun and engaging topics after a long week of hustle and bustle.

But wait a minute, Gina, what do these topics have anything to do with sustainability??? Well, here at glee + co, we believe that living a sustainable life is not only finding ways to improve the company’s business model to help our employees and the planet live a little easier, but also having a well-rounded life in all aspects—from finances to health to relationships to style. 

If we are healthy, financially and emotionally stable, and well versed in social causes and the needs of our communities, we have a greater capacity and knowledge to extend help to a greater cause outside of ourselves.

So, join us here and on our Instagram every week for Unwind Fridays! This month, we’re kick starting the year with the theme “New Year, New Routine,” where we’ll focus on tips and tricks to improve our financial, mental, and physical health. We’ll build our very own exclusive glee fam together. Can’t wait!
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